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Duties and Responsibilities: IT support specialists should expect to assist in the following while on the job:

Troubleshooting: Specialists troubleshoot systems to determine technical issues.
Installation: Customers often seek assistance in technology installation and configuration.
Communicating: An IT specialist must develop strong communication networks to best assist customers.
Maintenance: Maintaining technology networks and systems is a primary role of an IT specialist.
Evaluation: When talking to customers, an IT specialist must be able to determine the issue and evaluate the best way to resolve it.
Instructing: IT specialists must instruct customers on how to perform technological maintenance.
Management: To remain efficient, a specialist must manage time and prioritise IT issues.
Responding: An IT specialist must respond to customer concerns.
Support: No matter the customer’s need, an IT specialist must address the need through technical support and instruction.
Monitoring: Businesses often hire IT support specialists to monitor technology and ensure its efficiency.