Ranger Land Systems
  • 2707 Artie Street Building 100, Suite 17, Huntsville, AL 35805, United States
  • ranger-land.com
We are a family based business with a simple mission – To deliver a quality product and/or service at a fair price. Here at Ranger Land, we value our employees as a business is only as successful as those who make it function. Over the years we’ve seen contracts come and go but our employee base rarely changes. Thank you for that.

Ranger’s supply and maintenance personnel have performed unit level thru depot level repairs and modifications on a wide variety of combat track and wheeled vehicles, troop support items, and engineering equipment.  This experience includes the inspection, modification and refurbishment of equipment including MRAP Vehicles, M1A2 Series Tanks, M2/3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, M113 FOV, M109 Palladin, M88 Hercules, M9ACE, M900 Series Trucks, FMTV, HEMMTT, Palletized Load System, Heavy Equipment Transporters and Trailers, power generation equipment, TOW II Launchers and HMMWV’s. Ranger and its personnel have depot level experience in obsolete combat vehicles to include M60A3TTS Tanks, M1117 APC’s and V-150S Commando APC’s.  Ranger maintains an on-call cadre of retired Anniston and Red River Army depot mechanics to support obsolete combat and tactical trainers.  Ranger maintains a significant library of technical manuals on all military equipment to include current and obsolete military inventory.

We are a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that has access to, and provides services for, some of the country’s leading defense contractors and service industries.