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Undeniable Perks of Hiring a Private Car and Driver

Undeniable Perks of Hiring a Private Car and Driver


While the American public transport system is one of the finest you can find anywhere on the planet, there are some clear benefits of private car hire. Not only do you get to sit back in your car and enjoy the ride and the scenery, but you can also stop anywhere you like to snap some pictures and or savor the unexpected attraction. After one exhausting day of exploring, you can ensconce yourself at the back of the seat and take a well-deserved nap and wake up later to dinner. Also, you don’t need to worry about parking. Your driver can pick you up or drop you exactly at the attraction that you want to visit.

Convenience and Safety

When you hire a private car service from Lavish Ride, you can be sure of a comfortable, convenient, safe, and punctual journey. This helps you to save time, effort, and money by removing the guesswork from your traveling plans. At Lavish Ride, we have fleets of rental cars with a variety of sizes to choose from. To guarantee comfort, we have well-maintained and air-conditioned vehicles. Also, they are covered with auto insurance cover and are licensed to operate in all the American territories. We have engineers who constantly check and maintain vehicles to ensure that they are as safe as possible. When you request it, we will also provide baby seats.


You don’t have to be concerned with 

Some people might argue that renting a car is cheaper since you can drive yourself and not have to pay a private chauffeur. But you have to apply for an international driver’s license when visiting other countries. To get that, you will have to sit for an exam and pass it. Also, you will require the correct residency registration. It means you will need to obtain a registration from the hotel you are staying in, and have it taken to the local police upon which you will be issued with a residency form. As you can see, it’s quite some trouble to go to especially if you are visiting the country for just a few days or weeks.

You don’t have to be an experienced Driver


One of the key requirements of driving in a foreign country is to have international driving experience.

For example, to drive in China, you will need to have driven in the Mediterranean or Africa. If you are only used to coasting in the leafy suburbs back in the US, you will be in for a shock. Some streets in foreign countries are highly crowded and are no fun to drive in. You will need to have special temperament to drive in some streets. To avoid all this, you just need to hire a driver with local experience.

You won’t have to worry about driving at night

Driving at night in a place you are not used to can be a great source of worry. At night, you may not properly read road signs. You will also have to be concerned with parking. Houston tends to be crowded at night, and it can be difficult to locate a safe parking spot at night.

But when you hire a private car service, you will be dropped off at the exact location and don’t have to worry about parking. Also, these drivers, our drivers know which routes to use to avoid traffic and are apt to solve any problem that arises.

Arrive in Style


With private car service, you get the ability to choose from the best vehicles available. And if you hire a car from Lavish Ride, you are assured of not only luxurious vehicles but also high-performance vehicles. It means you can arrive at that business meeting in style and the latest cars. If you are involved in some business negotiations, this will certainly help your cause. Nothing beats the experience of alighting from a clean, chauffeur-driven vehicle. It speaks volumes about your personality.

Reduced Risk of Accident

Traffic accident risks are higher when you are driving in unfamiliar territory. In some places, it can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience when you get involved in an accident. Irrespective of the insurance policy you have, things can get ugly pretty quickly. It gets worse, especially where injuries are involved. When they realize that you are new to the place, you might be forced to make instant cash compensations. The worst part is that even the police can take sides with the locals. Some scams may just throw themselves on the road and claim that you hit them.

But to avoid all this, you only need to hire a private car with a driver. Our cars also have front view cameras that film the road so no one can be a cheat.

Free Hassle Car Rental 

Here at Lavish Ride, we provide hassle-free car rental services that cater to every user’s needs. We have drivers that are highly experienced and licensed. Couple this with modern and comfortable luxury vehicles, and you are guaranteed the smoothest ride you can ever hope for. They also know how to drive and avoid honking unnecessarily at every other motorist. This will give you the peace of mind you need to grab a few winks at the back seat. Our professional chauffeurs are fully insured and can handle any situation that crops up. These dedicated and committed professionals to provide qualified service courteously.

Whether you are just visiting Houston or you are a native, Lavish Ride has private chauffeurs that can get you anywhere easily and safely. Our professional drivers can take you for a tour of the rich art galleries in Houston. You can even hire them for a night out in the Houston downtown. At Lavish Ride, we make driving easy, so our clients don’t have to worry about navigating the notorious Houston traffic. Also, you need not worry about finding parking or getting directions right. Call us today to reserve your driver.