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Tips To Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse During The Pandemic!

Tips To Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse During The Pandemic!

Seems like this wouldn’t be much of a problem. Spending more time with the one you love is a great thing however in some relationships keeping things amicable after spending too much time together can be rough. There are many factors that the pandemic can put more stress on your relationship but don’t worry. There are many ways to alleviate these stress factors. Let’s go through some of them.

Knowing your roles in the relationship

In marriage, it's important to know your roles. Sometimes roles can get confused and you end up stepping on your spouses toes and that can cause friction as it's not fun to be micromanaged or told how to do some of the mundane things that need to get done in everyday life. Defining your tasks/roles in a relationship is a very good idea so that you can both be on the same page. This is especially important during the pandemic as many of you might be spending more time working from home now. So dividing up the tasks and knowing who is responsible for what makes life much easier. If it’s really hard to remember. You can always use the fridge as a reminder. Plus when things are in writing it's easier to remember. Remember to take pride in the mundane tasks. Do your best. Your spouse will appreciate it and if you have kids you will be setting a good example.

Communication is key

One of the main stressors this pandemic has brought on is the whole uncertainty of it all. Getting mixed messages from the media. A million different studies to keep track of to try and find out what’s the real information. Should we go out to the park, should we stay inside. Can we visit a family member? Should we wear masks around them or take the risk. All these questions are going on inside us all the time and your spouse most likely will not agree with you on everything. So having good communication about these things beforehand will definitely help you avoid arguments later on.

Use technology to keep in contact with family members and friends

During this pandemic it is important to remember that your spouse is only one person and you can’t lean on them for everything. Sometimes it is good to break the monotony of  everyday living and speak to your friends and family even if it’s just on a phone or video call. You talk about new events in your lives, new movies or series you are watching. Anything really and the best part is it will give you something to tell your spouse about later. See if you only talk to and spend time with your spouse eventually you’ll run out of things to talk about. However, when you learn new things, talk to other people this give you new things to talk about. Which will help to alleviate the boredom you may be feeling.

Find things to look forward to

Maybe you can’t make the same plans as you did before but you can still find ways to have fun and find things to look forward to. Even if they are small things like making dinner together or movie night. There are ways to make these more fun. Like trying new recipes or making special snacks. Another thing you can do is go out for a drive or a walk. You don’t have to have a specific destination in mind. Just enjoy the ride or the walk. Getting out of the house

Exercise together

Exercising together is another great way to rid ourselves of stress as well as fend off that extra weight we may have gained. There are thousands of free exercise videos on YouTube you can follow. Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised in a while. It’s never a bad time to start. Just make sure you start off slow and work your way up. You can even put on music and have a dance party together and burn calories while having fun that way. Maybe even learn to dance in new ways with your spouse so when things go back to normal you can have something new to show off at parties or weddings. YouTube has all the resources you could ask for and more.

Last but not least. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If your relationship wasn’t in the best of places before the pandemic. It’s possible that the new stresses of the pandemic may make things worse and if that happens and you don’t know what to do but want help. Don't be afraid to seek help at

Professional help can really be a savior to you in these tough times. They can provide you with much-needed guidance that you would have never thought of before. They can help you with your communication skills with your spouse as well.