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Concordance Healthcare Solutions is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Concordance Healthcare Solutions offers multiple job openings and exciting opportunities for various healthcare supply chain positions!

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  • Health, Life, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Paid Vacation and Personal time, Paid Holiday
  • 401K Retirement Plan - Company match
  • Company paid Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Profit Sharing Program
  • Concordance Employee Convenience Shop

Benefits start within the first 30 days of hire for all full-time employees!


Concordance Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest, independent, regional healthcare distributors in the U.S. Although it spans over 175 years of combined healthcare and supply chain industry experiences, the current business name and model was only formed in 2016. Concordance Healthcare Solutions is the result of the merger of three of the largest regional healthcare distributors in the country:  KREISERS, MMS and SENECA MEDICAL.

Service Offers

Concordance Healthcare Solutions offers products, equipment and supply chain solutions to the entire healthcare continuum with divisions and experienced professionals, dedicated to:

  • Nursing Homes and Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Physician Practices / Trainings
  • Laboratories
  • Government Facilities
  • Home Care
  • Healthcare Education
  • Redistribution businesses and other specialty products

The Team

Concordance is proudly served and represented by teams from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. It is built by staff, employees, and contractors that dedicate themselves to extending quality healthcare assistance across the country. The company also promotes collaborative approach to healthcare. They encourage customers to bring added value to improve the healthcare supply chain.

What Makes Concordance Different?

  • Dedication to Customer Service - flexibility, responsiveness and attentiveness to individual customer needs.
  • Cost Efficiency - collaborative cost-saving supply chain programs and clinical solutions.
  • Industry Leadership - being the consistent "Go-To" resource and advisor within the ever-changing healthcare community.

Who They Serve

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is not only care-centered but also patient-specific. They deliver services according to their individual customer's needs. Concordance offers dynamic, dependable service that increases customers’ efficiency throughout every level of the supply chain. True to their slogan, Concordance follows and attends to the patient's journey through the care continuum.

Concordance Values Your Service

The delivery of the highest level of service to the entire healthcare continuum includes Veteran medical support. The company also provides solutions to Veteran Affairs medical facilities. This is part of their commitment to solving healthcare challenges for all including military men and women and their families. Concordance values the highest level of dedication and leadership of every Veteran that's why part of their CORE SERVICES is dedicated to helping transitioning service members into the civilian workforce as natural as possible - through fostered healthcare solutions.