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Humans are unpredictable; we are fond of looking for easier ways to get what we want. Online gambling is fun and online casinos are controlled by software created by people. Just like people try to hack into accounts of major companies, banks, financial institutions to either get information or manipulate their systems. The same happens in online casino software, people are tirelessly looking for ways to manipulate online casino software in their favor to make them win and have big cash out.

Lucas Golberg is the subject matter expert here, he would talk about possible ways to cheat online casinos. Cheating an online casino is dishonesty and because of this online casinos in Canada are very alert concerning their cybersecurity software because over the years they know that hackers are constantly looking for a way to hack into and manipulate their software.

Although the article is not advising one to probably go and look for ways to cheat an online casino but wants to enlighten and talk about the most possible ways to cheat an online casino. It is very possible that these ways are not new since others have been trying to do the same and note that such accounts if noticed could end up being blacklisted, blocked, and reported to relevant authorities. Let us look at the five best ways to possibly cheat an online casino.

  1. Bonus hunting
  2. Account cloning
  3. Hacking
  4. Strategy botting
  5. Collusion


  • Bonus hunting: Bonus hunting refers to casino players that hunt for online casino bonuses with nice terms and low wagering requirements. Every bonus hunter is looking for the most generous of bonuses that gives him a greater expectation of winning in the online casino.

    Online casinos in Canada make a lot of bonuses available ranging from no deposit bonuses, sign up bonus, free spins, reload bonuses etc. All that bonus hunters are interested in is looking for a way to meet the wagering requirements of the bonus and safely cash out real money. This process leads to the registration of multiple accounts at online casinos such as spin casino.

  • Account Cloning: Account cloning is the process in which a player signs up more than a single account in order to receive favor such as welcome bonuses and also look for a way of playing in different ways to see which he/she succeeds in. Multiple accounts are easily detected by online casinos and when once found such accounts are closed with winnings confiscated. Also, such an account is reported to the authorities because it is a breach of the agreement after accepting the terms and conditions where it was clearly stated that multiple accounts are prohibited.
  • Hacking: Hacking casinos is something that dates back to old times where there was this possibility of cheating a slot machine while playing at a land-based casino with a magnet. Sometime between 2013 and 2016 a group of hackers known as FIN10 was responsible for targeting Canadian casinos. Currently, many online casinos are aware of hackers and they ensure their online casino security is heavily protected.
  • Strategy botting: This is another technique employed by those who want to cheat online casinos. These craft-bots are used especially for blackjack and poker games. They are pre-programmed automated machines that act like gamblers at a table. They keep on playing as much as possible if they are not noticed. 


  • Collusion: Collusion is the process whereby two or more players work together and try manipulating the outcome of a particular game in their favor. It could sometimes occur when a single player tries to use multiple accounts to accomplish the same thing.



Although cheating is not to be encouraged, it is a dishonest act and if caught may lead to legal prosecution. Above are the top 5 ways in which people try to take advantage of online casinos in order to win big and count their fortunes.