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4 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay on History

4 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay on History

Students write history essays on significant periods or historical events. Prior to writing your paper, you should learn its features, rules, and guidelines for writing. This article will provide helpful guidance on how to create a well-written history essay. Follow the tips to succeed in writing.

  1. Consider the features of essays on history

Writing a paper on history helps to develop your personality, your ability to express your own opinions and judgments about the historical events, and improve writing skills.

An essay on history tests the student’s knowledge of historical events, the ability to present information and results correctly, as well as understand the historical importance of events and phenomena.

  1. Don’t forget about the required elements

An essay on history is evaluated according to specific criteria, based on which, we can distinguish several rules for writing such a paper. Your essay should include the following elements:

  • one or two historical events
  • one or two historical persons and their role in the particular period
  • causality between historical events of the period
  • an evaluation of the significance of the period you analyze
  • proper use of terms and concepts on the subject
  1. Choose a period in history and consider its features

The first step in writing a history essay is choosing a particular historical period and learning about it. Indicate the characteristics of this period, its specifics, and choose the relevant facts. This is quite a consuming process in terms of time and energy. If you do not have time to conduct thorough research, then you can ask for help. Services like WritingCheap will help you deal with your history essay faster.

Historical facts

Subdivide facts in history into historical and scientific. The historical facts are those that took place in reality. The second scientific ones usually reflect the scientists’ views and their conclusions about specific historical events based on different sources.

When choosing facts, you should not only list the events that took place in the period you are describing but also highlight the most important events that fully reflect the specifics of the chosen period.

Estimated knowledge

You must reflect the estimated knowledge about the topic – you should show knowledge of different scientific viewpoints, as well as versions of the historical event descriptions. While evaluating, take into account the depth of the issues and the validity of judgments.

Characteristics of a historical person

Describing a historical person is also important for writing an essay on history. However, to get a good grade, it is not enough to present a simple description of someone’s activities, even if they are very detailed. The task requires you to describe the role of the person in a specific period, taking into account historical facts. Fulfillment of this requirement will allow you to get a higher grade for your essay.

Cause-and-effect relationships

The ability to identify cause-and-effect relationships is also one of the important criteria for a good essay on history. All events lead to other events, and at the same time, they are provoked by certain events and phenomena. You should be able to analyze facts, identify causes and effects, and come to appropriate conclusions, which is not an easy task.

In this case, the knowledge of historical facts that relate to the period and their chronological sequences play an important role. You should build a logical diagram of events and show their sequences. Usually, an event provokes several causes. In this case, You need to be able to highlight the most significant events in the period you are describing.

Typical mistakes:

  • misidentifying the primary and least important causes
  • substituting the cause disclosure for the description of the fact
  • describing facts without presenting causality
  1. Stick to the step-by-step guide for writing history essays

To end up with a quality essay on history, stick to the following plan:

  1. Choose a period you want to describe.
  2. Confirm the correctness of your choice.
  3. Choose a name for the period, which will reflect its specifics.
  4. Recall historical figures who played an important role in this period.
  5. Identify the causes for the events that occurred in this period.
  6. Select the historical concepts and terms most appropriate for your essay.
  7. Identify historical facts that will help to reveal the meaning of the described period. In this case, you should use the opinions of scientists.
  8. Organize information that you are going to use in your paper.
  9. Make an outline, and write your essay in accordance with it.
  10. Proofread and edit the essay.

Let’s sum up

An essay on history has a particular form. The essay structure contains a title, introduction, body, and conclusion. You need to choose a specific historical period and consider its features. To fully understand how to write a history essay, it is also advisable to find some samples on the Internet. Good luck with your history essay!